Jeff Swanson Photography

Life is incredibly unfair and brutally ambivalent to our wants and desires. It is hard to wrap one's head around the finality of it and it is easy to be angry at the unfairness of what will never be. Photographer friend, Mark Schueler, recently wrote so eloquently what many of us are probably feeling these days.

“It doesn’t make sense, it isn’t right. He was extraordinary in his ability to touch lives, and so ordinary in his humanity, in his struggle against a disease that ultimately won in a prolonged war of attrition.”

Jeff really was an extraordinary guy. He was immensely talented in making landscape photographs and in making friends. Because of the former, Jeff has left a legacy of his deeply felt appreciation for the natural world. We are lucky to be able to see, a little bit, how Jeff saw the world and it is pretty stunning. Jeff made friends wherever he went. He was always interested in meeting up with and shooting with fellow photographers. Jeff left such a lasting impression on everyone he came in contact with. Because of this there are many of us left struggling with these feelings of loss.

As we try to grapple with Jeff’s passing and the fact that we won’t be seeing his goofy grin or hearing his quick witted responses many of us have a deep longing to come together and keep his memory alive. We have taken to heart how incredibly short life is. We honor Jeff by affirming the importance of spending time finding the joy and beauty in the world around us. And we can continue Jeff’s fight against, in his own words, “this nasty, as yet incurable disease. There is a lot of hope coming with new treatments on the horizon.”

By making Jeff’s photography prints available to purchase we hope to give people the opportunity to hold onto a piece of Jeff. We also are continuing Jeff’s desire to raise money to combat Melanoma. Funds raised by the sale of Jeff’s prints will be donated in his name to the Melanoma Research Foundation. Let’s raise, as Jeff might say, a butt load of money!

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“Just go. Lay down all your doubts and hit the road. You don't know what the future holds, so get off the couch while you can! The beauty is out there waiting to be captured.” – Jeff Swanson

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